Stop Stalling. Time Is Money!

You’ve finally attracted website development proposals from three or  four website development firms and now, you can’t seem to choose which one to work with exactly.

When you look at this proposal, it’s nice, when you look at the other proposal, it’s nice  and the other one, nice too. Puzzled! Huh!

This is the point when you start your stalling games. “Guys, your proposal was nice but can you reduce the maintenance fee? Okay, if you removed the newsletter feature, by how much can the one time fee reduce? Do you think search engine optimisation is important really? Can we meet and talk more?”

You think you can negotiate a better deal but the truth of the matter is that you just can’t make a decision. You see, if one of the firms gives you a discount, you will be like, “if these ones have given me a 10% discount, it means the others can give me 20%.”

Should you finally-miraculously make a decision, you just can’t bring yourself to telling the other firms that they were not hired. Here you keep playing games hoping that they will finally give up on you and let it go.

What happens is that if you have taken your developer of choice through a very rigorous and tiring negotiation and decision making phase, they won’t have the right attitude and enthusiasm in handling the project. Yes, they need the money but you are not the kind of client they are excited to work with.

|Website development is a creative trade that calls for the right attitude and enthusiasm that you don’t wanna wash down the drain.|

Also, you will  have wasted the time, money and energy of other developers whom you have probably left frustrated hence contributing to a negatively inclined  world of website developers. Who is to tell if  the one you have hired is not already negatively inclined? Think about those complaints of “what’s wrong with Ugandan developers?”

Therefore, it is important to look at website development as a business and not a hobby. Every minute you have with your developer or prospective developer either on phone, email or physically should give them as much value as it gives you I.e. Moving to the next step.

You will find more value in having your needs and priorities clear, you will find value in making timely decisions and you will find value in appreciating the value of the developers time.


This way the relationship between you and your developer is built better for excellent results.

Till next time:

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