ICT In Business, A Practical Perspective.

Everywhere, there is so much talk of how ICT is ‘the way to go’.

This, in informing how modern businesses operate, how they are managed, how they communicate, how they are marketed or at an advanced level, how they sell.

With such talk, there seems to be a popular awareness on the importance of ICTin business. Though,with most businesses lacking even the most basic of tools, it begs the question, “HAS THERE BEEN ENOUGH EFFORT TO BRING THIS AWARENESS INTO ITS COMPREHENSIVE PRACTICAL PERSPECTIVE?”


Based on the various engagements we’ve had with a number of professional associations in entrepreneurship, business and trade, and with a clear understanding of the various existent capacity building frameworks, we find that there is very minor  effort in ICT capacity to building-in the  practical perspective.

Yet, it is evident that professional associations bring together many entrepreneurs, business people and traders, most especially those aware of the need for better and more efficient ways of doing business, ICT being an important prerequisite.

Furthermore, professional associations create an environment where members  are easy to educate, assist and guide in employing ICT in their businesses.

Willapps Limited therefore recognises this and calls upon all professional associations, members of professional associations and administrators of professional associations to reflect upon this and engage us comprehensively on how to help members translate this awareness on the importance of ICT, into practical terms.

Willapps Limited is to engage various professional associations, those we have engaged, further, and those we haven’t engaged yet, effectively immediately all aiming to further our CSR efforts and public and private sector partnerships.

Willapps in this regard has capacity to;

  • Design courses and offer training on a number of practical ICT implementations for business,
  • Design and deploy a number of software and mobile based application solutions for business, with affordable offers for both small and medium enterprises,
  • Effect digital marketing, communication and public relations strategies, tools and platforms for business, all at subsidized cost,
  • Design and effect sector specific digital business solutions ranging from marketing to sales, accounting and enterprise resource planning solutions and
  • Sustain long term partnerships and business relationships focused on reliability, efficiency, growth & competitiveness and cost effectiveness.

In a nutshell, Willapps has the capacity to, and aims to become your ICT capacity building partner. Our call is that you engage us and welcome us when we engage you.



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