How Much Is The Website?

Your job is not to go hunting for developers, your job is to zero down on one and work with them to achieve exactly what you want.

Often times when people ask about website prices, they think they will base on that to decide on which firm to hire for their website development project.

Most actually do but is the approach right?

They get rate cards or quotations from two or three firms and compare the price and deliverables, often times than not, going for one that offers cheaper in pricing  but with a promise of perfection in deliverables.

Honestly what that gets you is frustration. Someone promises a turkey and delivers a malnourished goose.

Let’s think this through,.

Can you just base on the pricing to decide on which firm to hire for your website development project?

Do you want cheaper? Why? Do you think expensive is okay? Why? Are you looking for a “reasonable price”? But how do you qualify a price as reasonable?

When I talk to clients, I don’t shy away from mentioning the price however expensive as long as I am clear on the deliverables, work plan and our capacity to execute and deliver the project as proposed, because I know there are more things that matter.

Those more things that matter are the things that require most of your attention.

Look at it this way;

When you  get rate cards from different web developers – two or three, how much aware are you to make an informed assessment of your needs, compare them with the cross section of deliverables and the different rates offered and judge if they satisfy  your  budget and expected benefits or return on investment?

As a lay man, how much can you rely on your judgment to do so?

Google? Lol ||Look at the prices here for example:

They are standard prices but how many people or businesses can afford them?|| that is your typical Google answer!

Clearly, you need the input of your prospective web developer to first understand your needs and expectations  and then to help you understand the deliverables and also help you plan for the appropriate budget.

In standard terms here you would have to pay consultancy fees and after getting proper information and knowledge, you can hire any other developer to deliver exactly what you want and understand.

But of course, that now seems as an extra fee. It doesn’t cut it when you have a small budget.

The best way to get a “reasonable price” therefore is  if you sit down with the developer and agree on certain things, which discussion should be so open as to help them understand your needs, expectations and budget before advising on the way forward and offering a quotation.

Your  job as a client is therefore not to go hunting for web developers. Your job is to zero down on one and work with them to get exactly what you need.

Assess the basics; portfolio, professional appeal, communication etc. Look at a firm that will give you the chance to have meaningful and informed conversations to guide you in making the proper decisions regarding your website development project.

I would say a firm like Willapps but hey, even this insight is free yet so valuable. So, we are uhhhhmmm that good!

Otherwise give your developer that initial meeting, have a one one with them and you will have;

1) A reasonable price

2) The right deliverables and

3) The right working partner for your project.

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