Who Else Thinks The Website Is Great?

NO, you are not wrong, and YES,  you are all right!

That is the price of hiring the right website development firm.

Often times when the website developer delivers the website for your review, you feel that the website is perfect. However, you now wonder whether you are right or wrong, or if you are missing something but when you ask a few people including members of your team, they also feel it is great. Well, I want to tell you that if you for example hired Willapps Limited for the job, that unanimous approval is not by mistake; it’s by design.

This is because any professional web developer should pay attention to the fact finding and data gathering phase of the project, enabling them to understand client and user needs while matching them with their experience and recommended industry standards to deliver a perfect website.

To best understand this concept, please checkout Willapps Limited’s data gathering process below;

“We gather as much information as possible about how we believe the new website should function. This also includes a strategic analysis of the purpose, goals, target audience and content of the website.

After gathering this data, we then define the requirements for specific website functionality such as blogs, videos, social bookmarking, search, newsletters, mobile device accessibility, and other such features. We will work with you to expose the various options available to you. The data we gather will also be used later to inform the choices made in developing the graphic design of the website, content choices, functional recommendations, and technology choices.

Here also, the basic website content prior to initial design beginning should be provided. We have found that content can be the biggest roadblock in finishing a website in the time projected, which is why we require the initial copy prior to starting. This allows us to focus on more of the design and function of the site, rather than trying to piece it together as we go along.

  • Generally clients will gather existing materials (pamphlets, forms, papers, photographs) and ready them for the site. The content is then parsed out into individual web pages and assembled in a hierarchy which is easy to understand and to navigate. Site content is added to pages which have a consistent theme and look in terms of headers, footers and custom accent graphics, like buttons, bullets and more.
  • Willapps Limited can provide a basic template to assist in developing the site content if needed upon request. Once we complete our initial review of the website, the copy can be added to or changed as needed.

If you fee like hiring Willapps Limited for your next website development project, reach us on. +256-702 808026/ +256-701 492686  or email us on support@willappsug.com

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