While Contracting A Web Developer, Just Go Pro. Nothing In between!

How did you get there?

It is troubling when a potential client comes to us recounting the one hell of a crappy experience they had with their previous service provider in website or software development.

Instinctively, I would want to blame the previous service provider but then, I wonder how the client got there in the first place.

In modern business, professionalism is a two-way street, with both the client and the service provider tasked in equal measure to ensure that between professionalism and anything else, they go pro. There’s simply no middle ground!

This essentially speaks to the entire process right from hiring/contracting a service provider to development, deployment and post deployment maintenance.

At Willapps for example we have an initial client meeting where we assess the client needs and with them, discuss the available possibilities and alternatives, furnish the client with a detailed project proposal/terms of reference for their approval and further sign a contract before work commences.

However, some clients will want to skip all these formalities, perhaps thinking they are too tiring or maybe, negligible.

However, I’ve had clients walk in and they don’t remember the person who procured their domain name, they forgot the person’s contact, the employee who was in charge left the company or they for example don’t even know that the domain name is their property to which they own copyright.

Worse still, you will find someone who desires a change in the service provider but their previous service provider is holding onto their website and domain name, making the process a steep climb.

This really begs the question, HOW DID YOU GET INTO THAT MESS?

The simple answer is, they surely didn’t GO PRO. Professional services might cost you more but they are definitely better than any off the street survivor you come by, who basically has nothing to lose.


In our next article we will share some of the things you should look out for in determining if a potential service provider in Website and Software Development is professional or not.

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