What Have You Done So Far? Your Portfolio Is Your Best Pitch.

So you were told, at least while starting up, that you need to have your perfect pitch, always ready. This, because there is general understanding that people have limited time. And, as a consequence, that you must impress them while their attention span still lasts. Oh yeah, that is true. You don’t want someone to pick their phone or get a WhatsApp notification while you are still telling endless tales of your company.

What Your Pitch Should Embody:

Whereas there is no conventional standard, your pitch should precisely embody a few things. These include what/who you are, what you do, what you have done so far and why anyone should pick you and not anyone else. For instance, what is Willapps? “Willapps is an ICT firm based in Uganda. We deal in Website Development, Software Development, Mobile Application development and online marketing. Our portfolio stretches to Rwanda, Mali and the United Kingdom and most of our work is available on our website, www.willappsug.com.” With a ticking timer on, this is something that you can say in just 20 seconds or less to anyone that asks.

What Is Most Important Though?

Of all the things that your pitch should embody though, what is most important? Now, this varies but based on our experience, what you have done so far i.e. your portfolio is most important.

By seeing what you have done, a potential client can see all hey need to know about you. This entails, as seen already, who/what you are and what you do and they can on informed ground know why they should pick you and not anyone else. As opposed to when you are starting up therefore, after some years in business, even if those years are as modest as the 3 years that Willapps has been in existence, your PORTFOLIO is your best pitch, and it should do the talking. Through your portfolio, clients should be able to understand, believe and trust that you are their best shot. The portfolio doesn’t have to be ginormous but it should be compelling.

A Case Of Willapps:

By looking at Willapps’ portfolio for example, one can understand clearly what we stand for, what our promise is and why we are their best shot. Essentially, our portfolio speaks to our;

  1. Ability to do the job: It is evident that we are good at what we do.
  2. Commendable experience: We have been here for three years. Now, whereas these are not many years in business, one sees that we have worked on numerous projects. These projects range from small, to big and extensive ones. The Enterprise Resource System that Willapps developed for Giant Aluminum for example is one of a kind.
  3. Efficiency: We can do the job, do it well, do it in time and within budget. This is because over the year we have defined approaches that we are sure deliver the results we want on any project. This can still be seen in our portfolio that proves people have trusted us with their work over the years and continue to do so.
  4. Commitment: We are at such a point when our job is no longer a luxury but an obligation. We know what is at stake so there is no chance that we will abandon a client project and jump to the next or quit business midway. Three years down the road, you can’t expect to see a bunch of jokers.
  5. Quality: This is clearly visible in the work we have done. We can’t afford to do mediocre work and when we are honestly challenged, the only option is to make better.
  6. Client relationships: The kind of work that we do is not a one-off arrangement. Clients need to know that we will be there to for example offer post deployment support. We have, just a call away, clients who bear testimony to this.

This far in business therefore, we have learnt that one can’t build their for-profit business based on emotion or compassion. The only time such a thing works is when you are starting up. When you are starting up, people might just give you business to help you grow. However, once work begins, when you hit the road, then the only option is to do the job, and to do a perfect one. Even a family member won’t give you business if your portfolio shouts MEDIOCRE!

In a nutshell, when clients walk through your door, they should already be convinced that you are potentially the right firm. They should also have seen already, what it is you have done and can do and the rest should perhaps be a matter of price negotiations and closing deals.


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