But Why Does Social Media Management Matter Anyway? This Is Why!

Why Does Social Media Management Matter Anyway?

Must I say that I am wondering why in this era and time we still have to make a case for social media, most especially social media management? Well, when you woke up this morning, you certainly logged into your Facebook, checked your Twitter feed, checked your Instagram, or any other social networking site that has you glued, at times while basically doing nothing there.

That is social media for you. Not only does it have the numbers, it also has most of people’s time. This should be of interest to any business out there most especially one that thought it wise to have such a thing as a Facebook page or Twitter account in the first place. Now, despite the fact that you thought it important, you’ve been so buried in work that your social media is already a forgotten treasure, with an audience that craves content and engagement. They took the first step to follow your business and it’s really not so much to ask now that they want to hear from you.

You Have Neglected Your Audience Though.

By now however, you have a pile of messages that you never reply to, and whereas there is so much going on in your company, your audience is not let in on the fun, through compelling content. To make matters worse, people now find it easier to directly search for your business on Facebook for example in a bid to get through to you. This, while using the cheapest social pack as opposed to calling in on your office line that carries hefty fees.

Some Case Scenarios For You.

In simple case scenarios, you own a kindergarten/day care with over 100 parents or a restaurant with over 50 walk-in customers daily. Question is, why are you neglecting your audience when they need you most, on platforms that you put right before them?

Kindergarten/Day Care

As a kindergarten/day care, your parents have all sorts of queries to make. These range from reminders of when holidays are due, when the parents’ meeting is scheduled to take place, how much the visit to the zoo is etc. Should you post about a swimming exercise for example, as you update this age every once in a long while, parents comment, excitedly, as they feel you are letting them in. To some, finally! They will even ask in the comments section when the next exercise is scheduled to take place. However, as it is now a habit, you forgot all about engagement and your parents, the most valued asset to your business feel ignored. It sucks, you know!


As a restaurant, we love your food. You see, when I came over last time, I think I saw something about a ‘buy one get one free pizza’ offer or something about the restaurant hosting birthday parties. I don’t have your number because I usually walk in but now that my Friend Collins’ birthday is on Monday, I want to have the details over the weekend so that the plot is laid out beforehand. I search for your Facebook page and send in an inquiry but alas, there is no feedback. When I call the number listed on the page, it is out of service. Damn! So anyway, I proceed to the Café Javas page. Wow! On top of having all the details of their menu, packages, offers, promos etc. on the page, they reply to my inquiry instantly. See, you missed good business.

How Do You Go About It Though?

This far therefore, considering the cases above, should we really ask again, why social media matters anyway? I reckon not but most importantly perhaps, we can look at what it takes to have it sorted.

  • If you have a marketing team in-house, you can get them trained and you have your social media management handled in-house.
  • If you don’t have in-house capacity, then you can outsource your social media management. This puts it in the hands of professionals, who work based on clearly defined goals and report to you on progress.

In A Nutshell,

Isn’t it so expensive? Well, for all that items worth, if you outsource your Facebook page management for example, it will cost you less than the salary of an online marketing executive, while taking advantage of the extensive expertise, team and resources of the social media management firm contracted.

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