How do I get my site ‘Out There’?

A lot of clients ask,

“How do I get my site ‘Out There’?”

Often times though, they just don’t ask at all. Their expectation is that the website will start bringing leads without any more work on their side. Sad news is, it doesn’t really work that way.

A competitive online presence is something that needs to be built up & fostered, continually engaged in.

For example, can you rely on the developed website to boost your marketing, communication and public relations approaches? Can you find a meeting point between traditional marketing, communications and public relations and the vast range of web based approaches to your avail?

Have you thought about this?

  •  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – making tweaks on & off your site to make it more interesting to search engines
  •  Blogging – writing regular articles on your site to establish expertise & give the search engines more to read
  • Social Media – engaging potential & current clients, keeping your name front and center, providing customer service, even being entertaining
  • Email Marketing – building your email list, sending regular newsletters, updates or special offers, keeping in touch
    If so, has it helped? If not, Why?

Well, the job of a website design and development firm is not to merely come in and develop what is thought to be a technically kick-ass website which has no particular post deployment significance.

The job of a website development firm now more than ever is to relate with the business as a whole. Have a sit down with the owner, have a sit down with the marketing team, the sales team, the communications team and the PR team and try to best make them understand the task ahead in using the website reliably and in establishing a competitive online presence.

But then there is a challenge here.We are looking at web developers being forced to do design, content gathering, copywriting and development jobs all as part of one design project and under a flat one-off payment without any particular client commitment to long term management plans.

Oftentimes therefore, it’s easier to develop and walk away!

So, can you as a client commit a budget to content marketing for example? Can you commit a budget to social media marketing? Can you commit a budget to comprehensive Search Engine Optimization? Ro do you think those are just smart ways to get money put of you?

It’s high time developers and clients had these conversations. Visit Willapps, seek our services and let’s have such meaningful conversations. Give us a chance to help you grow.

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