5 ‘Must Have’ Tips For Your Website Maintenance!

Assuming that you have had a website developed for your company, enterprise or organization, now you must be thinking that you have made it to the MARS of digital presence. Well, we don’t mean to disappoint you but that is simply the start. To form a meaningful and competitive digital presence, your website is just a necessary building block that must be utilized well in order to boost your marketing, communication and public relations efforts.

This week therefore our focus in the #Willapps #ProTips series has been on website maintenance and below is a collection of all the tips we shared.

  1. Having a website isn’t the end game. How you use it matters equally as much.
  2. To best utilize your website, you need to determine whether you have in-house capacity to manage, maintain and update it.
  3. If you have an in-house team that you would like to manage and maintain your website, they could use some extra training for example on how to use the deployed Content Management System (CMS).
  4. If you don’t have a team in-house that you would like to manage your website, you can outsource this on-call, retainer or periodic arrangement.

A website maintenance retainer is usually in form of an ongoing contract with your service provider, with recurring monthly payments. Under this maintenance arrangement, you place the full time maintenance of your website in the hands of your service provider who then ensures that it is always up, with the most minimal downtime if any, and that is consistently updated.

This approach is quite costly but it’s most reliable as you ensure that your website is in the safe hands of a capable, professional and technically apt team.

On Call maintenanceis an arrangement where you have a service provider readily available on call to perform maintenance tasks on your website when needed. Such tasks can include backing up your website, backing up your emails, updating plugins, updating the Content Management System (CMS), updating content for example on the company blog, galleries etc.

This approach is cheaper but unreliable since it is not consistent and the maintenance of your website is at your own discretion, which most times is based on an already existent problem. It is not easy to do preventive maintenance here.

Periodic Maintenanceis when your service provider caries out scheduled maintenance operations on your website for example every quarter. Whereas they are not maintaining your website full time, your service provider can for example always do preventive maintenance, which might not be easy with on call maintenance since the service provider always has to wait for your instructions, which might not be consistent.

  1. To evolve the website maintenance approach for you, you must maintain an open mind and have an informative discussion with your service provider so that they can run you through all the available option, considering all their pros and cons so that you make an informed decision.

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